Life as a freelance designer can sometimes feel a little isolated. Which is ironic because so much of what I do involves close collaboration with other creatives. However, there’s nothing quite like the work and encouragement of other designers to motivate you when you hit a slump.

Luckily for me, there is an incredible community of graphic designers and illustrators out there in the virtual world who continue to inspire and support me through their mastery of design, visionary ideas and supportive words. And there’s really no better way to experience their work than through a visual medium like instagram. The designers on this list are just a few of my favourites (this list could have been so much longer!)…so, in no particular order:

Bella Grace (@bellagrace)

Bella first came to my attention when she designed the poster for a film that happened to star my wife (a short sci-fi flick called ‘Cells’). Her talent was already plain to see but since that time her work (and totally deserved exposure) has gone stratospheric and she now creates beautiful AMPs (alternative movie posters) for the likes of Disney, Lucasfilm Ltd and Dark Horse Comics.

Jurassic Park poster by Bella Grace

Eileen Steinbach (@sg_posters)

Eileen’s minimalist style is strikingly powerful. Seeing her work always reminds me that less is so often more where design is concerned. Her clients include Marvel, Pixar and Netflix – but despite working at the very top, she is still so humble and always encouraging to the rest of the design community.

Tenet poster by Eileen Steinbach

Lucas Tetrault (@creativebylucas)

Lucas’ illustrative work often focuses on faces – which pays off as he has a brilliant eye for portraiture. His account is a great one to follow for demystifying the design process as he often shares videos, sketches and WIPs (work-in-progress). He is also great at bringing together the design community by putting together fun stuff like collaborative poster projects.

Blackfish poster by Lucas Tetrault

Nuno Sarnadas (@darkdesignpt)

Without fail, Nuno’s composition is on point, making sure his posters are elegant works of art. Whether a minimal design or combining many elements, his sense of design balance draws your eye in just the right way.

Dredd poster by Nuno Sarnadas

Matt Needle (@needledesign)

Matt has a real punk style – combining grainy black and white imagery with strong colours for an eye-catching effect that can’t help but pull you in! All in all it creates a totally unique and attention grabbing feel.

All The President's Men by Matt Needle

Sarah Atwa (@redmarker2611)

Sarah’s work has incredible depth – with a swirling, often abstract use of colour. It’s very different to my style as a designer and I am always in awe of what she is able to achieve.

The Green Knight poster by Sarah Atwa

Snollygoster (

Snollygoster has an instinctive understanding of imagery and his deceptively AMPs cut right to the heart of what a film is really about. His account is a great place to learn more about design too – as he shares some cool layer breakdowns that take you through his entire design process.

Goodfellas poster by Snollygoster

Andy Allen (@jesuisandy)

Andy’s designs break all the rules – and are so much more powerful for it. His work is continually surprising me and will always remind you not to play it safe!

The Queen's Gambit poster by Andy Allen

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Hope you’ve found as much inspiration here as I do. Who are your favourite designers on Instagram? Let me know in the comments.